Shiyan Fairbank Drive

Surrounded by 120 hectares of golf courses and lush undulating hills, this idyllic community-focused estate lies 55km southwest of the Sydney CBD. Since its inception, The Hermitage has experienced unprecedented demand with properties selling out within hours of release.

This unique turnkey development offers a choice of luxury designer four-bedroom homes, three-bedroom terraces and villa style one-bedroom studios. Innovative design, high-end finishes and an uplifting sense of space define Shiyan residences. The homes offer a tailor-made solution for those who appreciate exceptional design and crave the beauty of nature.

Shiyan occupies one of the premier sites within The Hermitage and has been customised for discerning, style-savvy families and professionals. Shiyan comprises an exclusive collection of 15 four bedroom freestanding homes, 38 three bedroom contemporary terraces and 7 studio apartments.